Cheryl Hoeppner
Content Editor with The CE Shop, Inc.
“I had the pleasure of working with Lisa Menke at the CE Shop, where she served as an instructional designer on our curriculum team in 2015 and 2016. I am a staff content editor and help our team members finalize their content, so I was able to see the majority of Lisa’s projects.
I was immediately impressed with Lisa’s work, because it was both meticulously crafted and extremely creative. Her work on her supplementary resource material (a staple at our company) was impressive because of her ability to think outside the box when coming up with ways to present sometimes-complicated material. Lisa’s experience as an ID and her ability to do something memorable with the material really stood out. She often put together movie scripts, created cartoons (working with our graphics team), and crafted infographics.
In addition to her abilities as an instructional designer, Lisa has a joyful approach to work and life. She was a trusted member of our team who always reached out to others with an encouraging word. Lisa was a great resource for newer members of the team, and she is missed.
Lisa would be an asset to any organization. If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me.”

Nikki Irani
Instructional Designer with The CE Shop, Inc.
“Working with Lisa was a real pleasure. She is a creative individual, who demonstrated a great deal of passion and dedication to her work on a daily basis. She is not only friendly and helpful, but professional, smart, determined to do well and very driven! On a personal level, she is fun to be around and everyone is attracted to her fun and energetic personality. I highly recommend Lisa, she would be a wonderful addition to any team!”

Dr. Jackie Humphrey, Ph.D.
Retired at home
“Lisa was hired as the Director of Online Instruction at York College when I resigned from that position. Her background of training and experience was a much better fit for the position than mine had been. Since retiring, I have become a member of the Board of Trustees for York College and I am thrilled with the work that has been accomplished by Lisa that I could not have done.
I was pleased when the college administration changed her title to Associate Dean for Online Instruction. Working with the Dean of Online Instruction and the Associate Dean for Graduate Education, Ms. Menke has continued to build the online program at York College. I highly recommend her and applaud her many accomplishments.”

Dr. Monty McNair, Ph.D.
Program Director at York College
“Lisa is a wonderful asset to York College as the Associate Dean for Online Instruction! Her tireless efforts in recruiting and helping students has helped York College grow the on line academic revenue over the past three years to the extend that has replaced the on campus Summer Session revenue. Lisa helps instructors with student problem resolution, and coordinates with the Learning Platform provider for course set up/availability.”

Dr. Jaclyn Spivey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology; Department Chair at York College
“Lisa is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of York College Online. She makes sure that students get registered, that the courses are staffed, and serves as the liaison between the college and Learning House. As a faculty member, it is my experience that Lisa is very attentive to the needs of all parties in order to ensure the success of the program.”

Michael Cantrell
Managing Director- Championship Coaching Systems
“Lisa was hired when Thrive Solutions, LLC. was in a transition period. We were in a pinch in our production department and needed to hire someone who could step in without having to hold their hand. Lisa definitely fit the bill! She is competent in web design and is also a thinker, able to solve problems without much input. It was a joy to work with Lisa at Thrive and I would recommend her for her creativity, personality, and problem-solving skills!”


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