Work Samples

all examples of work contained in this portfolio are property of XMediaDesignGrl (Lisa Menke) and the organizations for which they were created. Reuse is expressely prohibited.  

 Due to the proprietary nature of most of my recent work I am only able to share a small sample of what I can do.

Technical Writing

1. ppsfrm  – Reference manual for use with a proprietary software application. 

2. Work Instructions_Ex09 – Sample of written work instructions (aka “job aid”).

3. courseplanneraddie – Example of ADDIE model course planning form.


Flash Demos

1. Example demo with music bed:


2. Example demo with narration (narration example as well):



Social Media Management




(facebook, twitter, blog, youtube) York College Online

(facebook, twitter) York College Graduate Programs


 Voiceover Samples podcast (advice website-2010) 


Graphics/Logo Design

 All images are property of the entities for which they were created and are displayed here as examples of my graphic design work. No images are to be copied, reused, shared, or displayed anywhere other than this blog. Thank you.


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