DesignGrl Daily for Thursday, May 22, 2014

Here are 10 articles, blogs, webinars, or infographics that I find noteworthy for today, Thursday, May 22, 2014.

Opening the Cloud: via @edtechdigest
Find out what happens when 2,000 young women band together to hack for good #Hackathon: via @EdTech_HigherEd
Too good not to share 05/22/2014 | Tech4Teaching
Shauntel Poulson, Principal, NewSchools Venture Fund via @educationweek
learn > change > repeat >: Digital Citizenship – A challenge, responsibility …
Elearning Should Be Great, Not Good @growthengineer
What makes E-learning Templates so Effective?
5 Savvy Tips for a Successful e-Learning Project Kickoff via @customelearning
Scenario-Based Learning and E-learning for Pharmaceutical Sales Training @EpiphanyEdu
Does e-Learning Work? via @ShipNews
Presentation tip – sometimes you need pictures.
Education & eLearning 2.0: What is Gamification? A Short Whiteboard Video, Po…

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