Content Curation vs Creation – Disrupting the Paradigm

I read an article this morning by Martin Smith over at ( that said digital content curation is disruptive. I honestly love the idea of being disruptive in learning, so I was intrigued. The article shared a suggestion that the optimal ratio of curation to creation may be as high as 90% curation to 10% creation. Why?

The author speculates creating content is expensive while curation, by comparison, is much less so because you can curate more content than you can create in the same amount of time. Curated content generates feedback loops and social shares, helps create authority, and should inform creation.

Content is quickly becoming the new SEO. Content is the new advertising and because everyone seems to be jumping on the content bandwagon a large percentage of that content is garbage. It’s content for the sake of saying we created original content.

If the author of this particular piece is correct, we are literally shooting ourselves in the virtual foot by spending so much time creating – and so little curating.

Why, then, is content curation disruptive? According the this particular author it is because the current paradigm for content is to create more, [which undoubtedly means creating more rapidly and with less forethought] thus creating poorly. Curation of solid existing content in greater volume disrupts the current paradigm as it means less creation. Which, in my understanding, means the content that actually is created has been exceptionally well thought out, and precisely timed for release to create the biggest ripple across the sharing pond.

Remember, one of the ideas here is that content should inform creation. Curate more and allow the quality of the content you are creating to spark your thoughts in the form of responses. As one idea builds on another you may even find yourself experiencing an epiphany of epic proportions that results in something created becoming part of others’ curated collections!

Here’s the bottom line as I see it. So what if you’re name isn’t on the by-line of every piece of content you share? Find content that MEANS SOMETHING and curate your little heart out.



In the spirit of curating more, and creating less, I bring you a collection of thoughts, articles, blogs, videos, etc for the week ending November 22 via my curation page :


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