Selecting Distance Learning Technologies

By Dezign


EDUC-6135 Distance Learning

“That instruction isn’t primarily about presenting Information. And learning isn’t primarily about knowing things. The goal is always about Performance.” ˜ Michael Allen˜


Example 3: Asynchronous Training

In an effort to improve its poor safety record, a biodiesel manufacturing plant needs a series of safety training modules. These stand-alone modules must illustrate best practices on how to safely operate the many pieces of heavy machinery on the plant floor. The modules should involve step-by-step processes and the method of delivery needs to be available to all shifts at the plant. As well, the shift supervisors want to be sure the employees are engaged and can demonstrate their learning from the modules.

“Instructional technologies can be organized in two categories: telecommunication and instructional technologies” ~  Simonson 2010

As I sit and pondered the scenario of example 3, I think about which components would prepare an effective and…

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