A Long Overdue Feature – DesignGrl’s Top eLearning News of the Day

I’ve landed on other bloggers’ top news of the day lists several times over the past decade for one comment, post, entry, or another. I’ve been considering my own news of the day list for about as long so the time has come. Welcome! Each morning I will scour the news for interesting stories of innovation in the design, management, and marketing of elearning content. Thanks for reading along with me!

Here is DesignGrl’s Top eLearning News of the Day for today:

Using Web-based Technology for Interactive, Formative Feedback in Online Learning – turnitin.com

free 45 minute webinar on demand


New Computer School Makes French Students Teach Themselves – npr.org


Blended Learning: Getting the Best of Both Worlds in Corporate Training – elearningmind.com


Nine Steps for Schools to Create Their Own BYOD Policy – teachthought.com


The Future is Portfolios, not Transcripts – unschoolingrules.blogspot.com


Learn How to Avoid “Crisis of Emptiness” in elearning – trainingmagnetwork.com

a free webinar with Ray Jiminez, PhD


5 Tips for Online Student Time Management – elearningindustry.com


Making Moodle more Engaging by Rethinking Content Display – moodlenews.com



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