Feels Like Popo’s Garage

Once a depression-era child; my grandfather grew up to be the worst pack-rat any of us had ever known. He refused to relinquish anything regardless of its value (or lack of value as it was most of the time). He would stop traffic to get out of his truck and pick up small items in the road such as ink pens, styrofoam coolers, aluminum cans, etc.

When he passed away it took weeks to clean out his garage! He had everything categorized and stacked neatly together, but the sheer volume was overwhelming to say the least. Particularly his collection of tools which ranged from small hand tools worn down to the hilt to very large power tools for shaping wood into various pieces of furniture. I remember wondering how he ever managed to create such beautiful things as my cedar chest and the lamp that sat on my bedside table. How did he know which tools to use? It seemed more like a tool museum or reclamation operation than a workbench!

Fast-forward twelve years and as I look around my own ‘workshop’ I have that same feeling as I did standing in my Grandpa’s garage. I’m overwhelmed with tools!

When I entered the ultra cool world of curriculum design there weren’t many nifty tools or gadgets that were specific to my profession. However in the last few years that has changed so dramatically that there are literally so many terrific applications and tools that I can’t learn them all fast enough!

There must be more of my Grandpa in me than I realized because I find I have a compulsion to collect these things and catalog them ‘just in case’ I may need them in the future! 

So in the spirit of my dear Popo I am undertaking the task of cataloging every learning, curriculum, graphic, video, etc. tool I have collected so far. I’ll share what I have and if anyone has additional information, ideas or comments please feel free to add! It would make me exceedingly happy if this were to become a living online resource for all of us.

I’ll start with this…(click the link to open a .PDF)



Lisa M. Menke is the Associate Dean for Online Instruction at York College of Nebraska. Lisa is an avid fan innovation in learning design and transmedia storytelling. Lisa holds a graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a graduate certificate in  online course development. Lisa and her family live in York, Nebraska.


One thought on “Feels Like Popo’s Garage

  1. Looks like we’ve come a long way in a short time. I remember struggling with ToolBook, although it was so cool when things worked the way they were supposed to!

    It’s fun to have all those tools – I know I can’t stop acquiring kitchen gadgets. It’s just a sign that you have a passion for something!


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