Are You #getfeistyapproved ?

In case you haven’t noticed by now I’m all about telling the status quo to go jump off a bridge. Forget boring elearning – who needs that? We need to turn it up, people!

My new feature is the Get Feisty Approved Asset of the Week. Each week I’ll share and review a new elearning asset that I think is worthy of the Get Feisty seal of approval. I’m not compensated by anyone, but everyone who has an asset that gets reviewed will get branded with my #getfeistyapproved hashtag all over social media for one week. Free marketing!

Here’s a brief Q&A:

Q: Why take the time to review a single asset?

A: Individual assets are the building blocks to learning opportunities that capture the audience and leave memorable impressions.

Q: What exactly is an asset?

A: It could be anything! Here’s a few examples. Videos, interactive simulations, animations, infographics, static graphics, comic strips. I’m sure there’s more but that’s where you come in. What are you creating that you think is interesting?

Q: How will you choose the asset of the week?

A: At random, my friends, completely at random. I spend my morning coffee time scanning social media for things that grab my attention. So if you’re sharing your best – it could end up as an asset of the week. Simple, right?

Q: Do you accept submissions?

A: Sure do! If you have seen, experienced, or created an interesting asset that you think is #getfeistyapproved worthy then send away! My email address is

Got it? Great! I’ll start scanning for my first asset of the week on Friday, October 28.