Lisa M. Menke, MA, CPLP

Hi there! I’m a senior digital media developer and social media manager who is passionate about the intersection where opportunities for professional growth, participatory culture, and current media design options meet. In my role at the State of Nebraska, I’m currently responsible for the creation of digital media in support of agency training & development, and communications. Some of my specialties include eLearning, screencasting, social media management, graphic design, podcasting, and video and audio production. When I’m not working I enjoy time with my family and our dogs, sharing conversation over good coffee, public speaking, photography, mixed media art projects, travelling off the beaten path, and playing board games.

“She brings a great personality to team environments, and adds a creative spark to everything she works on.”

Jasmine Lionberger, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Recent Happenings

August 19, 2019: Lisa promoted to Deputy Director of Communications for the Nebraska Department of Administrative Services. Read about this new adventure here:

June 27, 2019: Lisa notified of passing score on the ATD CPLP SAE and her subsequent award of the CPLP professional credential. Read about it here:

April 3 – June 18, 2019: Lisa was selected to be a Featured Contributor for’s blog. Read her posts here:

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A Note from Lisa

Portions of my digital portfolio are under heavy reconstruction that will bring some long-overdue updated examples of work. If there’s a particular type of project you’re working on where you think I may be able to assist you, please email me at